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March 2013 - Confirmed Dates

March 1
My Favorite Things (review)
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March 7
The Bibliophilic Book Blog (review)
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March 10
Mornings Start with Em (review)
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March 13
Long and Short Reviews (guest post)
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March 15
Tic Toc (review)
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March 18
The Book Connection (review of first chapter)
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March 19
Mom in Love with Fiction (review)
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March 20
Celtic Lady's Reviews (spotlight)
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March 22
Lissette E. Manning (review)
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March 23
ReadEng. Didi's Press (review)
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March 27
Reading Challenged (review)
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"Long's prose is deft and clear, transporting the reader from one character's psyche to the next...this tale is a compelling one. A psychological thriller for readers who are bored with run-of-the-mill horror...Those who embrace the genre will eagerly anticipate a second installment in the series."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Intelligent, self-aware, and often amusing...hitting all the markers for sadistic, salacious, and scary. Long is doubtless going to build a large and loyal fan base composed of people just like him: literate folks with a bizarre sense of humor who prefer a bucket of blood to a bath filled with rose petals."
- ForeWord Clarion Reviews

"Totally absorbing! The Book of Paul is moving, profound, funny, terrifying and never lets you go. The prose is swift and times, even poetic. Masterful storytelling. Hats off!!"
- Henry Bean, writer/director of The Believer

"Completely ingenious mixture of all things intriguing! The Book of Paul is truly an enchanting tale that will leave you spellbound. I can't wait to read more of this series! The only thing I can say! Hats of to Richard Long for creating a truly worthy and delightful read."
- Close Encounters with the Night Kind

“Elegantly written and original, Richard Long's The Book of Paul…is so suspenseful and entertaining that I could not it put down, reading late into the night, wondering what the next chapter would bring. I strongly recommend it. The reader will not be disappointed.”
- James H. Cone, author of THE CROSS AND THE LYNCHING TREE

“I was greatly impressed. It is extremely hard, if not impossible, to put down.”
- Michael Rips, author of PASQUALE’S NOSE 

"Twisted, outrageous, relentless -- you won't want to miss The Book of Paul."
- Greg Lichtenberg, author of PLAYING CATCH WITH MY MOTHER

From the Author

The Book of Paul crosses a number of genres. Sometimes when I'm asked what kind of book it is, I'll say it's a dark, paranormal thriller with occult horror themes, mystery, suspense, erotica and black humor. Other times, I just say, "It'll really curl your toes."

Written is short, titled chapters, the story is extremely cinematic. Think The Omen meets Pulp Fiction. The momentum is relentlessly driving, yet it's as much a psychological exploration as a roller coaster ride. When I write, I submerge myself in the characters. I want to feel their fears and cravings, truly inhabit them. I keep descriptive narrative to a minimum and write from multiple perspectives, which hopefully allows readers to project their own perspective and participate more directly in the experience. I want people to feel more intensely -- more afraid, more amused, more curious, perplexed, horrified, awed and aroused -- to climb inside these characters and walk down all the dark alleyways.

I've always been drawn to the scary side of the street. Science, religion and mythology are other big interests. The Book of Paul and the six volumes of sequels and prequels trace the history of Hermetic and Gnostic philosophy, alchemy, druidism and pagan mythology -- particularly the Egyptian, Greek and Celtic traditions. There's also a strong science fiction element involving quantum physics, artificial intelligence, life extension and what's known as The Singularity.

Propelled by the prophecy of a fast-approaching apocalypse, the story rides a crest of dark suspense above an undercurrent of arcane mystery. Nothing is as it seems. Very gradually, the mythological tapestry is revealed through the narrator's secret journals and the ancient codex guarded by Paul. Only as the climax approaches does he fully grasp his own significance in the labyrinth of Paul's nefarious scheme.

The Book of Paul is not for the faint-hearted. There is graphic sex, sadomasochism and gore. There are also plenty of laughs along the way, often sucker punches that ease the tension only long enough to make the revelations even more thrilling and chilling. The aim of it all? Question everything.Magic and mystery and wonder are everywhere. So are cruelty, sadness and terror. 

As Hunter Thompson said, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

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